Politeness in traffic really exists on Aruba!

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ONE HAPPY ISLAND is on every license plate of the cars on ARUBA. I  celebrated only 10 days of vacation in Aruba and of course I don’t know if this applies to every Aruban.

But for me it was ONE HAPPY ISLAND. Mainly because of the reunion with Frank and Ineke. We know each other for many years, and it was very special for me to experience ‘in real life’ how they now live, work and live on Aruba.

I really enjoyed their hospitality, being able to catch up with them and of course my very nice apartment at ELEMENTS OF ARUBA.

However, I particularly noticed at ARUBA that besides the sun, the beautiful blue sea and wonderful wide white beaches, is that : POLITENESS IN TRAFFIC really exists on Aruba!

To my big surprise, cars stop for every pedestrian who wants to cross a road, without a horn, a murmur or the familiar middle finger. Inserting on the road also gives no problem. The lights are blinking and you can easily get in between. Honking to say ‘thank you’ and it is okay for everyone.

We can no longer imagine in many places in the Netherlands and Europe, that you can just drive to the beach without traffic jams, you don’t have to search for a parking spot and you can park for FREE! You park the car right next on the beach and just walk on the beautiful white sand.

I understand of course that you cannot compare the hectic NETHERLANDS with quiet ARUBA. For me it was, next to a surprisingly beautiful island and my wonderful stay at ELEMENTS OF ARUBA, really a very pleasant surprise.


Miranda Savelkouls, Eindhoven NL

October 2019