Seabob: exploring the ocean in a whole new way!

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Yay! We came back! After our amazing visit to Aruba last year, my mom and me decided to go back again this year. We obviously stayed at Elements of Aruba after the lovely experience we had here.

One morning we were chatting to Frank and Ineke about what else we could do this year, that we hadn’t already done last year. They told us about Sea Bobbing, something their sons also did and really enjoyed.

After talking about it a little more we got really excited and almost immediately decided we wanted to do it as well.

So you’re probably wondering: “What is Sea Bobbing?!” Well, it’s a whole new way to explore the ocean! You get this little machine, kind of shaped like a tiny submarine, and it has an electric engine, so it’s not harmful for the underwater world. It also doesn’t make a loud noise like a jetski for instance.

If you have trouble imagining what I mean by “kind of shaped like a tiny submarine” take a look at the pictures!

The morning of our Seabob adventure, my mom and me followed Frank to Arashi Beach, this is where you get your instructor and all the things you need for sea bobbing. Our instructor was really friendly and he knew a lot about the ocean.

Once we were heaved into our wetsuits and were told what we should and shouldn’t do, we were ready to go!

They tell you before hand that you’re going to sea turtles and all sorts of cool animals, but I have to admit, I was a little skeptical.

But guess what, the moment we hit the open water, I saw a turtle! And another one! And another one! It was the most magical thing  I had ever experienced. We also saw a beautiful stingray, amazing coral and the most wonderful looking fish.

So as a conclusion to my story: GO SEABOBBING! YOU WONT REGRET IT! We sure didn’t!

Zoë (& mom)

July 2019