Modern Design Apartments

Our boutique accommodation has three spacious apartments (circa 50 m²) in a delightful setting of a private garden with waving palm trees, beautiful sculptures and a luxurious lounge pool.


The apartments are generous for Aruban standards in terms of space and equipped with all basic comfort. They all consist of a spacious living room with kitchen / dining area, comfortable bathroom with toilet and walk-in shower with hot water, and 1 or 2 (depending on the apartment) tasteful bedrooms.

The decoration is modern, clean, cozy and tasteful with an “Scandinavian meets Caribbean” atmosphere. ‘Interior lovers‘ in particular choose for our apartments. Our style is unique on Aruba.


You will experience your stay in your apartment as ‘coming home‘. Just a very nice place with lots of privacy where you can be yourself. Where you can process all the impressions of Aruba in a relaxed way.

The apartments are situated in such a way that you have no ‘view’ on other guests. The stylish lounge pool also offers a lot of privacy.


Each apartment can be booked for 5 nights or more.

If you want to book with us for a longer period than 4 weeks, for example if you come to Aruba temporarily to work or do an internship, for a workation or to visit family, please contact us for possiblities and special rates.


Further details on the apartments after clicking through on the pictures below 

Aloë Vera

  • suitable for up to three people
  • 2 bedrooms with double beds
  • price 100 euro / 110 dollar per night


  • suitable for up to two people
  • very spacious bedroom
  • price 100 euro / 110 dollar per night

Palm Tree

  • suitable for up to two people
  • price 100 euro / 110 dollar per night

Services &
Package Deals

  • pick-up service from/to airport
  • rental car
  • mountain biking/hiking/yoga/private island tours

Let Elements of Aruba welcome you!

Jossie & Aron, Chicago USA
This is what Jossie said to us on arrival :
“I looked at all the Airbnbs on Aruba and yours were the only ones I wanted to stay in because of your beautiful styling. Unfortunately, all the apartments were booked at that moment, which was very disappointing. After a few weeks I looked again on Airbnb and I saw that apartment ‘Cactus’ was available. I booked immediately and felt so happy!”