Services & Packages


We have a number of services & packages for our guests to make your arrival and stay with us more enjoyable. And above all, to make sure that you quickly feel at home at your vacation address.


We take care of the rest:

– When you arrive there are plenty of bath towels, beach towels and kitchen textiles ready for you in your apartment, and you can always ask for clean ones
– The beds are made upon arrival and we change the bedlinen every week
– We also tidy up your apartment every week
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If you let us know prior to your stay which of the following services & packages you would like to take advantage of, we will gladly arrange for it.


Pick up service from International Airport Reina Beatrix

We will be happy to pick you up from the airport, which is 15 minutes from our vacation rental, if you wish. If you give us your flight number and arrival time, we will be waiting for you at the airport when you land. With a bottle of fresh water in the car, we will drive you to Elements of Aruba where we will personally welcome you. This makes your trip to Aruba much more relaxed. For your departure we will of course drive you back to the airport (30 USD / 25 Euro per trip).

Car Rental Service

We strongly recommend you to rent a car during your stay in Aruba. It gives you all the freedom to explore the beauty of the island. We have good experience with Hotwheels Car Rental because of their good prices (42 USD per day all-in) and excellent service. Hotwheels delivers the car to our location. We can make the car reservation for you. And we have a pick-up service from the airport. Private parking lots are available for our guests next to the apartments.

First Day Breakfast Service

Especially for guests arriving late in the afternoon or evening, those who wish to savor a welcome drink upon arrival, or those looking to retire early after an extensive day of travel, our “First Day Breakfast Service” ensures a seamless start to your stay. This service is also ideal for those planning to visit the supermarket the next day to fill up their fridge or awaiting the delivery of their rental car (usually around 11 a.m.).

The service offers a healthful and delightful breakfast featuring a luscious bowl of yogurt, fresh fruit, wholesome oatmeal with chia seed and honey, and a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

To ensure a timely delivery of your breakfast to your apartment, we will inform you of the scheduled time before your bedtime. Kindly place your order in advance (10 USD / 9.50 Euro per person).


Hiking with Ineke

Along the north coast of Aruba you can take beautiful hikes. Ineke will be happy to take you on a guided hike through the impressive, rugged nature of Aruba. You will get to places you would not easily reach on your own. Departure around 8 am and return to Elements of Aruba around 11 am.(incl. transport: 40 USD / 40 euro per tour, Ned/Eng-speaking).

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Mountain Biking with Frank

Cycling on Aruba has yet to become a common sight on Aruba, but mountain biking already is, because the landscape lends itself for the sport excellently. More than 200 kilometers of marked trails have been plotted. You must be a somewhat experienced mountain biker to be able to ride through the cacti on the technical trails. Frank takes you along the most beautiful routes for an intensive but fascinating trip to see the most beautiful spots (incl, transport / rent mountainbike: 60 USD / 60 euro p.p., Ned/Eng-speaking).

To Yoga class with Ineke

Aruba & Yoga is a perfect combination. The circumstances in Aruba are extremely suitable to feel the benefits of Yoga practice. Imagine following a yoga class in a studio with max. 10 people. The windows and doors are wide open. Feel the wind on your skin. Hear the rustling of the palm leaves and the tropical birds. You feel like being in the middle of nature. Ineke loves to take you to her Yin Yoga & Meditation class at JetYoga (duration: 1 hour, incl. Transport: 13 USD / 12.50 euros per person, Dutch / English speaking).

Island Tour

If you would like to have a private tour around the island, guided by us, to see places where you would otherwise not go as a tourist or to hear stories about Aruba that you won’t find in tourist guide books, book an island tour for a half day/day. We will make sure your impression of the lovely Aruba will be unforgettable  (duration: 4-8 hours, incl. transport: from 60 USD / 60 euros per person, Dutch / English speaking).

Experience Aruba!

Surely you will want to enjoy the ‘Elements of Aruba’ as much as possible during your stay, the many beautiful things that Aruba has to offer. We have collected a number of tourist hotspots for you.

But of course this is pale in comparison to the impression and experience you’ll have when you’re actually going there. You better experience Aruba in real!