Eagle Beach

TripAdvisor names Eagle Beach the top #1 beach in all of the Caribbean and among top #3 in the entire world. This beach is the closest beach to Elements of Aruba. By car it takes about 5 minutes and there is ample space at the beach to park your car, for free!

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge has sadly collapsed naturally in 2005. Adjacent to it a smaller bridge is still intact. If you’re not careful, you’ll be hit by sprays of water and your hair will flow freely. A stunning place to be and to enjoy the northern side of Aruba.

Alto Vista

This small chapel was rebuilt in 1952 to commemorate the first catholic church that was built on Aruba in 1750 in this exact spot. Due to its elevated location, the Alto Vista chapel is a popular spot for enjoying the sunset.

Baby Beach

This pleasant sandy beach is a 30 minute drive away from Oranjestad and is situated in the south-east of the island. The beach is crescent shaped, the water is shallow and the bay is shielded by a rock formation, which is also a marked snorkelling area.

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Natural Pool

The rough sea on the north side of the island produces high waves that smash against the rocks. The Natural Pool is filled with water, flora and fauna directly from the ocean. It is located in the Arikok Natural Park and can only be reach by 4w-drive. At this spot you can also enjoy a nice swim.

Arikok Natural Park

This place is an absolute must for a stay on Aruba. The park covers almost 20% of the island and houses unique plants and species. it has multiple caves and on the coast there are extraordinary bays and beaches. There, you will likely be splashed by the rough seawater.


In the centre of Aruba there’s mount Hooiberg. With a height of 165 m it’s a good place to go hiking. Be sure to bring bottles of water, though, because with the sun over your head you’ll definitely work up a sweat. Climb its 562 stairs to the ‘roof of Aruba’ during sunrise and experience a magical vista.


The capitol of Aruba is situated at a five minute distance from the airport.  Oranjestad has a harbour where about 380 cruise ships dock every year. The dense centre has a lot of pleasant restaurants to offer, as well as high end stores, ranging from brands such as Prada and Louis Vuitton to Zara and Mango.

Palm Beach

From Oranjestad this sandy beach is situated behind Eagle Beach. This is the site for a lot of high rise hotels, resorts and restaurants. It’s a nice place to visit. The nice thing about Aruba is that every beach is public. Even if there’s a hotel, it’s not prohibited to lay down a beach towel or put down your chair and enjoy a nice, sunny day.

Palm Island

This small island can be reached by boat during an ‘all-inclusive’ tour from Palm Tours. You can enjoy the water park, the banana boat, lunch, buffets, refreshments, as well as free usage of snorkeling gear. All you need to do is to bring towels, swimming gear and a camera/smartphone and enjoy. Unfortunately there are no flamingo’s….

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