Frequently Asked Questions



Do I really need a rental car on Aruba?

We advise our guests to always rent a car during their stay on Aruba. It makes it so much easier to reach every part of the island. Treat yourself to that pleasure!

There are private parking spaces available especially for our guests.

Public transport is there, but these busses mainly travel between Oranjestad, the beaches on the Westcoast and San Nicolas. Most tourist attractions are NOT reachable by public transport.

Should I rent a regular car or an ATV?

You can reach every part of the island with a regular car, except for the rough North coast, where an ATV is recommended. You can also decide to rent a Jeep with 4 wheel drive.

The north-coast is definitely a must-see when visiting Aruba. To do so you have several options:

  • Go to the attractions that are reachable with a regular car such as the Californian Lighthouse, Westpoint, Alto Visto Chapel, Natural Bridge, Sero Colorado and Arikok National Park.
  • Go for hikes by yourself from the California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, BabyBeach, or take advantage of the rugged hiking trails in Arikok National Park.
  • Take a walk with us during the ONE HAPPY HIKE.
  • We are also happy to make a private quided hike with you if you prefer. For example hike with Ineke to the Natural Pool (“conchi”) in Arikok National Park.
  • Go mountain-biking with Frank who will take you to some beautiful spots.

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Can I also rent bikes on Aruba?

Yes, it is possible to rent bikes, but Aruba’s infrastructure is not really set-up for bikes. Along the beaches on the west-coast it is relatively safe to use a bike. But to really discover the island in this way, you need to be an experienced cyclist.

For trips along the rough north-coast we advise renting a mountainbike. There are more than 200 kilometers of marked trails. You need to be somewhat experienced to ride the more technical trails between the cacti.

How is public transport in/on Aruba? Can reach you by public transport from the airport? Can I reach the beaches by public transport from the apartment?

There are good bus-connections from Oranjestad to the beaches on the west-coast and from Oranjestad to San Nicolas. There are some other bus-lines on the eiland, but not many.

There is no busstop near the apartment. The busses do not have set times (the busstops also do not show the times) and they depart very infrequently. So it will take some patience. We suggest renting a car for your stay.

Is there a supermarket close to the apartment?

There are a few Chinese supermarkets within walking distance of the apartment. We go there only for packaged goods. For fresh products and lots more we recommend SUPER FOOD. Our guests and we enjoy this supermarket. You can buy (almost) anything here.

Are there restaurants near the apartment? 

There are 2 good restaurants and severl foodtrucks within walking distance. These offer nice food and good prices:

  • Los Cafeteros; Columbian restaurant that is always quite busy with mainly Aruban guests. Beware the large portions!
  • Petjes; Surinam restaurant that also offers takeaway.
  • Dim Sum To Go; just a 100m walk away.
  • Food trucks; there are several food trucks in your neighborhood, where you can pick up something to eat late into the night.

Are there beach-chairs and parasols for rent at the beaches?

The beaches on Aruba are freely accessible everywhere and there are ‘Palapa’s’ (parasols made from palm leaves) on most beaches that are also free to use.

On most of the beaches there are also rental companies that rent out lounge chairs and parasols or sunshields. The prices for this vary for the beaches and rental companies.

How are the two bedrooms laid out in the ‘Aloe Vera’ apartment?

There is one large and one small bedroom. The larger bedroom (15m2) has a double bed (160x200cm) and a linen closet. This room is suitable for use by 2 people. In the smaller bedroom (9m2) there’s a double bed (140x200cm). This room is suitable for use by 1 person.

What is the size of the apartments and how are they laid out?

The apartments are approximately 50m2, excluding the spacious porch. The layout is as follows:

Kitchen area with kitchen unit and a dining table with chairs.

Sitting/lounge area with a 2 seater ouch, a chair and small or medium sized flatscreen TV.

1 or 2 bedrooms with 2-person bed and a cupboard with a small safe, and airconditioning.

Bathroom with walk-in shower (warm water), washing basin and a toilet.

Can the beds be divided into 2 separate beds?

No, the beds can not be divided. These are 2-person beds with 2-person mattresses, so not two separate beds.

In Aruba you don’t sleep under blankets but you use a sheet or duvet cover. This may take a bit of getting used to, but in the warm Aruban weather, this won’t take long!

What is the voltage on Aruba? Do I need a travel adapter or are there ‘Dutch’ sockets?

Aruba uses 110V and the sockets are ‘American’. So you will need a travel adapter or plug.

Are children welcome?

Our apartment complex is not very suitable for young children (up to 6-8 years). Our yard is filled with gravel and our lounge pool is not fenced off. We have no toys or attributes for children available.

For parents with small children who still want to come, we have one baby cot for rent. But you have to bring other stuff that you need for your child.

Do I have to share the lounge pool with other guests?

Yes, we have a lounge pool that can be used by all of our guests. In practice it is never that busy in the pool during the day because most guests will be out and about visiting places and exploring the island.

We’ve planted enough green to ensure privacy both in and around the pool and for the porches.

Is it correct that I see old pictures of Elements of Aruba on Google? The new layout with the green walls is actually there, isn’t it?

Regrettably, there are indeed still old pictures on Google, taken by the previous owners of Elements of Aruba. We are doing our best to make sure these become less visible. You can count on the apartments and the green walls being there. Our guests indicate that our apartments look exactly like the pictures on our website, Airbnb- and Micazu profiles.

Can I cancel my reservation if necessary?

We require payment at the moment of reservation.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

– Up to 4 weeks before your date of arrival: it is possible to cancel free of charge and you will receive a full refund.

–  2-4 weeks before your date of arrival: you will receive a refund for 50% of your payed amount.

–  Within 2 weeks of your date of arrival: We offer No refunds.

You live next-door in a closed-off garden, but how can I get in touch with you?

We always welcome our guests when they arrive on our private porch with a welcome drink. We often communicate with our guests ‘over the fence’ and bij text message/whatsapp and e-mail.

Because we are often working from home, it’s very easy to get in touch when that’s necessary. Our guests indicate that we are always nearby and available and that this is a positive experience for them.

What is and is not included in the apartments? 

Click HERE for the inventory list.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us!