Aruba & Yoga, a perfect combination!

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When I came to live on Aruba six years ago, I immediately started looking for an opportunity to take yoga lessons. Before we left the Netherlands, I had already plans to do so on Aruba.

It appears that there are so many yoga options here. On the beach, in various resorts, on a surfboard at sea, in large and smaller yoga schools, actually too many options to choose from.

Through Facebook I ended up at JetYoga. After the first trial lesson I was immediately triggered. The intimate atmosphere, the pleasant contact with yoga teacher Jet, the small groups, the wonderful relaxation, the perfect yoga-studio, it immediately suited me perfectly .

I now take Yin & Meditation classes twice a week at JetYoga and I enjoy them intensely. Every time at the end of a lesson it crosses my mind: “what a pity the lesson has ended!“.

I like to take our guests with me to my yoga classes, so they can also enjoy and experience the relaxation of yoga. In this article I would like to introduce you to Jet and her vision on yoga practice, based on a few questions I have asked her.

Yoga is extremely popular in Aruba. Do you know where this comes from?

“Worldwide yoga has become very popular since the late 20th century, in Aruba as wel. I think this is due to our busy lives and the abundances of incentives we are facing now a days which may claim we are not acceptable as we are.

There is a growing need for stillness, quieting and relaxation. Yoga means uniting. We more and more feel to unite again with who we really are and from there unite with everything around us.”

What makes yoga so well suited in Aruba?

“The circumstancesin Aruba make it very easy to feel that connection with yourself again. The sun, the clear blue ocean, the wind, walking around barefoot and the friendly people make you feel at ease and relaxed easily.”

How do you connect to this? What is ‘typical’ JetYoga?

“In my classes I aim to connect with my students and support them in feeling comfortable to make their practice as beneficial as possible on a physical and mental level.

The yoga studio is at my house and holds a maximum of 10 people. Windows and doors are open so you will feel the wind on your skin, hear the rustling of the palm leaves and tropical birds, making you feel that you are practicing in nature.”

Many tourists come from their hectic environment, tired and stressed on vacation to Aruba, is our experience. Are they also welcome in your yoga classes?

“Yoga is for everybody despite of age, background, flexibility, etc. Everybody is welcome, tourist as well.”

What is your message for the readers of this article when it comes to the value of yoga?

“For myself, the value of yoga is the opportunity to connect with yourself and others with compassion. A moment to reflect on our inner reactions and what these reactions reveal about ourselves and our physical and mental habits. Everything you practice on the mat is of benefit in your daily life.”

We also want our guests to experience the relaxed and connecting atmosphere at Elements of Aruba. We have already had several guests who booked a trip to Aruba specifically because Aruba is classified as “yoga friendly”.

They used the covered porch of their vacation home every day for their daily yoga practice. We recently added a yoga mat in our apartments. Our lounge pool is also a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

Maybe you also want to come with me to yoga class at JetYoga, if you stay with us? I would be my pleasure!


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