The Perfect Sunset Picture

By 1 May 2018 No Comments

Every evening people gather along the beaches of Aruba to watch the sunset. A special place to do so is at the far north edge of Eagle Beach where two twin ‘Divi trees” attract many people. The divi trees are bend by the continues north eastern wind and look like giant bonsai formations.

People from all over the world come to Aruba to get married on the beach. No wonder those divi trees are a popular place to celebrate their vow’s. This duo of a rare species makes a popular site to make a perfect picture.

Another great attraction is a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. A lovely meal with the cooling winds is for many a dream come true. Another great place to make a perfect picture.

However when many  people want to make that perfect picture at the same spot and at the same time it will be hard to do just that. The evening we went to make our perfect picture quite a number of people were standing behind the divi trees waiting for the sun to set. They were restless as the moment came nearer. Restless because in the line of sight were three young woman sitting on the beach.

As nobody took action I went to the woman and asked them to move to another place what they were happy to do. My action was most appreciated by the other photographers who were now able to make a perfect picture, just like I did.

Rob Verberne, Rotterdam NL

april 2018