Vega(n) on Aruba

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Good news, there are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians in Aruba. And more and more food outlets are putting vega(n) options on the menu.

Travelling with dietary restrictions can be challenging. Another country may not be as used to your dietary restrictions, and you may not be used to that particular country’s cuisine. You want your vacation to be worry-free – especially in Aruba.

Check some of our favorite Vega(n) places in Aruba. This is certainly not a complete list of all Vega(n) restaurants in Aruba, but only our selection.




Eduardo’s Hideaway (VG, GF)

Beach shack:


You cannot miss Eduardo’s will on Aruba. With a menu to die for, they serve delicious bowls, smoothies, and other dishes. They have a restaurant with seating a short drive from Palm Beach and a take-away joint on the beach, so you can enjoy their food whenever you are craving it.

One Happy Bowl (VG, GF)

Aruba first plant-based restaurant. Right at the Oranjestad Harbor, One Happy Bowl offers (it’s all in the name) a variety of vegan and gluten-free smoothie and poke bowls.

They make vegan pastechi, which is a must-try while on the island. This stuffed pastry (most comparable to an empanada) usually comes with meat or cheese is here available for vegans to try.

FUN FACT: Elements of Aruba organizes a monthly hike with them, which includes a breakfast bowl at the end of the hike. Sign up here >>>>

Santos (V, VG, GF, also non-vegan options)

Tucked away at one of the prettiest beaches on Arub (Manchebo Beach) is Santos, a small restaurant with a cozy shaded terrace. They serve the best milkshakes on the island, which can be ordered with plant-based milk. With vegan banan bread, pancakes and sandwiches, they have vegan options; but also serve non-vegan dishes.

Organic Bodega Café (V, VG, GF, also serve non-vegan options)

One of the newest cafes on Aruba, they serve a variety of açai bowls and sandwiches. On most of their dishes you can select your own topics to tailor it to your liking. The café is a bit hidden in the D-shop. Once you enter the D-shop store it’s is on the right-hand side in a corner on the first floor. Follow the “coffee” sign and look out for some green plants.


Elements Restaurant (V, VG, GF, also serve non-vegan options)

One of the most well-known vegan friendly restaurants on Aruba. They have a separate vegan menu which you can order from. Not the best vegan food I have had on the island, but decent. The key selling point is their location. Right at the beach, the most beautiful sunsets, quiet (no kids allowed) and usually good live music.

Yemanja Woodfired Grill (V, VG, GF, also serve non-vegan options)

One of the most popular and excellent restaurants of Aruba, Yemanja is known for its vast BBQ menu. It has a dedicated vegan section on their menu. Make sure to try out their Vegan BBQ platter, which has some great homemade vegan creations such as sticky “Ribs”and pulled “Pork”. Also plenty of non-vegan options available.

Lucca Trattoria (V, GF, some VG)

If you are craving good Italian food, then Lucca is the place to go. Located at Palm beach, they do home made pasta and a variety of pizzas. Not many vegan options (ask for dishes without cheese), but plenty of vegetarian options if you are a cheese lover.

Secret Garden (V, GF, sometimes VG)

This is not your typical restaurant. Secret Garden offers a unique private ‘home’ dinner experience with a different chef and five 0r six-course menu each day. It’s pricey, but worth it. Usually can they cater for vegetarians, sometimes for vegan. Check with them in advance while booking.

[Legend: . V = Vegetarian options available . VG = Vegan options available . GF = Gluten Free options available]

Have a nice vega(n) stay in Aruba!


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Me and my girlfriend Femmie with my mum. She is living with my father (who took this photo) in Aruba and they are the owners of Elements of Aruba. Meet them here >>>>