Turquoise beach experience

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Aruba is best known for its pearl white beaches. Everyone who has ever visited will confirm that the soft, white sand and the turquoise sea are like paradise. The beach can be enjoyed in a number of ways: on a beach towel, with a book, drinking a nice, cold Bright of Chill or taking a dip in clear blue 28 °C water. Who cares? Likewise, you can enjoy some water sports, ranging from kitesurfing to paddle boarding, snorkelling and diving.

The first time we set foot on Aruba, we went to the beach, where a beach tennis tournament was taking place. We were familiar with beach volleyball (which is of course a familiar sight on Aruba’s beaches as well), but this sport was new to us. Two against two. Upper hand service. Volleying everything of course. It was intense to watch, even more so to partake. Accompanied by a DJ playing some good tunes and people watching and chilling, good vibes all around.

Another enjoyable evening experience is having some good food, bare feet in the sand, for example in Barefoot of Passions on the Beach. Not too bad when the sun is slowly setting in the background. For the inhabitants of Aruba, the real beach experience is going there to meet and hang out with family and friends. Everyone will bring some food and drinks for barbecuing, sharing stories in the meantime while sitting underneath waving palm trees or the typical Divi-divi trees. It might even be more common than visiting each other at home.

For us, the ultimate beach experience is walking on the beach that stretches out for kilometres. It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that the long and diverse beaches on Aruba, which are mentioned in quite a few top ten lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, are so much to our liking. Curaçao has stunning bays, but for us nothing is better than a walk along Eagle beach, Palm beach or Baby beach. It’s even more enjoyable in the morning or at sunset. Unsurprisingly, a lot of photos are taken at these times.

One of the most well-liked spots for photography on Palm beach is Fisherman’s Huts. It’s separate part of the beach, connected to Palm beach and it is a true mecca for lovers of wind- and kitesurfing. Here, the vigour of fanatics can be observed very well, as they race over the water their boards. A little further along, small, traditional and colourful fisherman’s boats can be seen, desolately rocking to and fro in the water. It’s a typically Caribbean view that makes for a stunning photograph.

According to Aruban connoisseurs, the most photographed tree stands on Eagle beach: green buttonwood (more specifically Conocarpus erectus var. erectus). The tree has a twisted stem and grows diagonally towards the sea. Green buttonwood is often confused with the Divi-divi tree. However, they are not the same. What difference does it make that it’s the most photographed one? Capturing the tree is still amazing, even just to show everyone you were there. You can, of course, also decide to just sit under it and stare blankly ahead, dreaming about glistening seawater of the Caribbean. The green buttonwood is situated opposite the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort.

Every person looks for their own beach experience. If making long walks on the beach is one of them, choose the stunning beaches of Aruba. They will delight you, every second of the day.

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