The perfect planning of a beach day in the south of Aruba!

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Are you looking for a beach other than Palm- or Eaglebeach? Try the southeastern part of the Island! Have a beautiful, local lunch to finish off the day in Aruba-style.

Mangel Halto
First stop: Mangel Halto, located in Pos Chiquito at the southeastern coastline of the island. Mangel Halto, literally ‘high mangroves’, truly lives up to its name as you will have to find your way through the mangrove forest to reach the crystal blue ocean. Because of the shallow water and the nearby reef, it is great beach to snorkel and a popular diving stop. Last but not least, did we mention that the mangroves create a cozy and remote place just for yourselves?


Next, it’s time for lunch! Slightly more to the South you will find the popular Zeerovers in Saventa. Nowhere on the island the served fish is fresher than at this local restaurant. The concept is very original: at arrival, you order the catch of the day at the first counter as well as any sides you like (e.g. French fries, Aruban bread and fried banana). Then at the second counter, you order your drinks before finding a spot at one of the picnic tables at the water. Once grilled, the waiters will serve your freshly cooked fish and allow you to enjoy the view while eating with your hands!


  • Try to avoid visiting Zeerovers on Sundays, as many local visit the restaurant resulting in long queues.
  • You can only pay with cash! (note: the prices are relatively low)

Baby Beach
Once the bellies are filled, it is time to relax at Baby Beach in the southeast close San Nicholas. Baby Beach, one of the prettiest beaches of Aruba, has a marked snorkeling area and some restaurants and cafes. The bay, largely artificially constructed, is perfect for children as there are hardly any waves and you can walk in the ocean for miles. In other words, Baby Beach is the perfect spot to finish this daytrip!

Sound like a fun day, right? Have a great time and enjoy all the beautiful things Aruba has to offer!

Stefan & Lisa, Amsterdam NL

februari 2018