Whether you can go Corona-Safe on Holiday to Aruba?


Do you also feel like going on holiday again? To be away from home after all the social distancing measures? Want to relax and feel more free and carefree again?

It will take a while before we will feel completely corona-safe anywhere again, but you can already count on it that:

……  even though there are still restrictive measures such as: “social distancing”, face masks inside public places and on the plane and extra hygiene measures ………

[check the current measures on this Corona Aruba Update page]

…… we are sure and we also promise you with the following 6 guarantees that you will experience a super nice, relaxed and corona-safe holiday with us at Elements of Aruba:


While on holiday you do not want to wear face masks on the premises of your accommodation, nor do you want to be constantly worrying about getting too close to other people.

That is no problem at Elements of Aruba. With us, you have your own apartment with a private outer porch and plenty of space around it. There are two entrances on our complex for three apartments, which allows residents to enter through separate gates.

Unlike other accommodations and the big hotels, Elements of Aruba does not have any narrow passages that can lead to “congestion”. Our entire complex is generously set up, so you can move around freely and you hardly notice any of the other guests.

Face masks are not necessary with us!


Hygiene is extra important in corona times. If you care about hygiene at home, you care about it at your vacation address. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your holiday accommodation and do not feel comfortable because of poor hygiene.

We guarantee you a 100% CLEAN apartment. To assure this, we clean our apartments ourselves. Our quality standard is like we want it on our own home, to provide you with the at home feeling.

Our guests tells us they appreciate our apartments because of its cleanliness, which is something you cannot take for granted on Aruba.

Additional hygiene measures we take because of the coronavirus:

● All apartments are equiped with Aruba Aloe Hand Soap and Sanitizer and hygienic cleaning wipes.

● Changing towels and kitchen linen is always available on request.

● We clean the filter of the AC units everytime we clean the apartments.

● We have implemented a special cleaning protocol in the event that one of our guests unexpectedly incurs coronavirus symptoms (which has not accured yet).

● If necessary, we have face masks available. You do not need to use them at Elements of Aruba, but you need them elsewhere on the island when you go inside public places.


Obviously, you only tavel to Aruba if you do not show any coronavirus symptoms and you do not want to risk exposing yourself to the virus while on vacation.

Aruba is not yet corona-free, but the coronavirus is under control at the moment of writing. The IC capacity is more than sufficient. There is no shortage of face masks and other PPE. Sufficient test material is available and there are several test locations at your disposal.

Medical care for tourists is at high standards in Aruba. In case you need any medical help Urgent Care Aruba (open 24/7) is only a 7-minute drive from Elements of Aruba. Above all, medical staff has a high proficiency in English and Spanish, besides their native Papiamento and Dutch language.


Elements of Aruba can be as corona-safe as possible, but obviously the situation on the island needs to make you feel safe for your trip.

Aruba’s aim is to become and remain completely corona-free. That is why an ‘Aruba Health & Happiness Code’ is lanced to ensure that throughout the entire value chain of tourist facilities, Aruba is a corona-safe travel and holiday destination for tourists.

While you are on vacation in Aruba, you can rest assured that everyone working in the tourist industry applies the same hygiene measures, which guarantee the quality standard here in Aruba.

Aruba has the ambition to not only be the safest, cleanest, friendliest, hospitable, sun-sure Caribbean island with the least chance of rain, but also the “corona-safest”.

Meanwhile, Elements of Aruba has successfully completed the certification process. We are proud to have received the Golden Seal of the “Aruba Health & Happiness Code”.

The vaccination program in Aruba has also started with great vigor. The supply of vaccines from the Netherlands is proceeding according to plan. The aim is to achieve an 85% vaccination rate by the summer of 2021.

We, owners Frank & Ineke, have received the Pfizer vaccine and are fully vaccinated.


While on holiday with us, we recommend our guests to rent a car to discover and experience the island to the fullest.

We cooperate with Hotwheels Car Rental, the company of Manuela and Mark Kop. A Dutch couple who have been living and working in Aruba for almost 20 years. They have a rental car fleet of 25 cars, which they fully maintain themselves.

They offer good value for money and, above all, excellent service. When booking a rental car with them, your car will be waiting for you upon your arrival at Elements of Aruba.

Mark and Manuela adhere to the corona-safe hygiene guidelines which means they clean extra carefully and offer contactless key transfer and payment.

We offer our pick-up service for airport transfers in a corona-safe way.

We always offer our guests a welcome drink upon arrival. We will continue to do so taking social distancing measures for as long as necessary.

Being residents on Aruba, we know the best places on the island, know about things to do, where you can go corona-safe, what is / is not open (anymore), and also which restaurants offer take away / home delivery. We are happy to show you the way on Aruba, where tourists are always very welcome.


We constantly test our measuring against the applicable guidelines and ensure our guests their stay with us is corona-safe.

We are closely connected and we follow all information from, among others:

  • Aruban government
  • Department of Public Health (DVG)
  • Reina Beatrix International Airport
  • KLM / TUI / Schiphol Airport
  • Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA)

Check the latest updates HERE

Aruba is now:

. even more beautiful than it already was

. even cleaner than it already was

. tourists are even more welcome than before

. the beautiful weather has remained the same, although the sky is bluer

. the guarantee of a corona-safe holiday destination has been added.

Looking forward to a future vacation to Aruba is the best feeling you can imagine and we are happy to make your dream come true at Elements of Aruba.