8 “FREE” Things That Make Aruba So Attractive

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The following 8 ‘things’ are totally free on Aruba! These facts may seem self-explanatory, but they’re certainly not! If you decide to come to Aruba to spend your holiday, you should know that guests from all over the world enjoy these typical Aruban things.

1. Fresh Drinkable Tap Water Straight from the Faucet

In many places around the world, the first order of business upon arrival is purchasing bottled water. However, in Aruba, you can quench your thirst straight from the tap. The island boasts delicious, purified drinking water that is not only refreshing but also gentle on your skin and hair.

Say goodbye to limescale buildup in your water boiler and hello to clear teacups and hassle-free showers. Aruba is one of the countries in the Caribbean where seawater is filtered to produce potable drinking water, a truly unique feature.

This pristine water is also used to craft the local beers, resulting in brews that are soft and refreshing.

If you want know more about the production of drinking water in Aruba, plan a tour at the Aruban water company plant of WEB

2. Free Parking Bliss at the Beach

Aruba’s stunning beaches are world-renowned, but what sets them apart is the ease of access and free parking available along the coastline. Unlike many tourist destinations where exorbitant parking fees can put a damper on your day, Aruba offers ample free parking options.

No barriers stand between you and the beach, allowing you to seamlessly transition from car to sand. With no traffic jams to worry about and expansive beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

3. Beach Accessibility for All

One of the most delightful aspects of Aruba is the free accessibility of its beaches. The beaches of Aruba are for everybody.

Whether you choose to lounge on Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, or Arachi Beach, you’ll find that you can lay your towel down anywhere and soak up the sun.

Even the beaches adjacent to 5-star hotels are open to the public, complete with complimentary palapas for shade. Simply find an available spot, settle in, and enjoy the pristine shores without any additional fees.

You do have to pay for a beach lounger, if you want to use one. At some beaches they are offered with umbrella. This usually costs at least 10 USD per day or 50-60 USD for two beach chairs with umbrella.

We offer our guests beach chairs for rent for only 4 USD per day. You can put them in your rental car during your stay and use them whenever and wherever you want.  Just contact us to reserve these beach chairs for use during your stay with us. 

4. You can speak English with (almost) Everyone

Thanks to Aruba’s multicultural population, English is widely spoken throughout the island. In addition to English, many Arubans are fluent in Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamento, the official language of the island.

This linguistic diversity makes communication a breeze for visitors from all corners of the globe. Whether you’re seeking directions, ordering a meal, or striking up a conversation, you’ll find that language barriers are virtually non-existent in Aruba.

5. Politeness Prevails Everywhere

Another “FREE” thing which visitors immediately notice about Aruba is the genuine politeness of the locals. From courteous drivers who yield to pedestrians to friendly shopkeepers who go out of their way to assist customers, the spirit of hospitality is alive and well on the island.

Whether it’s a cultural norm ingrained in the local DNA or a testament to the importance of tourism, the result is the same: a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes visitors feel right at home.

6. Cleanliness Standars are High

Let’s be honest: in cunucu’s you will find empty beer bottles, car wrecks and other garbage that does not belong there. And the “Parkietenbos” (parakeet forest) doesn’t refer to a tropical forest with trees and birds, but to the garbage-dump.

So some areas of Aruba may suffer from litter and debris, the island’s beaches and main tourist areas remain remarkably clean. Efforts are made to maintain cleanliness, recognizing its importance in enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Although waste separation practices are still evolving, in the tourists areas visitors are encouraged to contribute to sustainability efforts by disposing of recyclables separately.

7. Wide Arry of Food Choices Available 

There’s no need to pack your usual food items in your suitcase. Aside from the many, many Chinese supermarkets (there are more than 200 of them on the island) there are a few main supermarkets: Ling & Sons, Super Food Plaza, Do-it and C-Mart.

The first has mainly American products and some Albert Heijn products. Super Food Plaza sells a lot of Dutch JUMBO-products and this shop also looks a lot like a Dutch JUMBO supermarket!

Of course you can also buy local and regional products (Venezuela, Colombia, America). More than enough choice. Whether you want to eat like you do at home or want to try local dishes, it’s all available in the supermarkets.

8. Openness Defines the Island Vibe

Unlike gated communities found in other destinations, Aruba is characterized by its openness and accessibility. Visitors are free to explore the island’s many attractions without encountering barriers or restrictions.

From strolling through the lush grounds of beachfront resorts to meandering along the coastline, there’s a sense of freedom and ease that permeates the island.

With security measures in place and a welcoming atmosphere prevailing throughout, Aruba truly lives up to its reputation as “one happy island.”

These 8 incredible Free ‘Things” in Aruba provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable vacation in Aruba. Best of all, they come at no extra cost, allowing you to enjoy all that the island has to offer without breaking the bank.


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